1884: The blacksmith company in Vium can be dated back to the year 1884, where it was founded by the farmers of the village, who hired their own blacksmith

1956: Villy Jensen was the last blacksmith, who was hired by the farmers.

1961: Villy Jensen takes over the blacksmith company.

1965: The company starts production of specialized machines, built according to customer specifications.

1978: The company is transformed into a limited partnership company under the name Villy Jensen Vium ApS.

1988: The company is transformed into a shareholder’s company under the name Vium Smede- & Maskinværksted A/S (VSM). Thorkild Munk is appointed Managing Director.

1999: Lars Lynge Maach (son of Villy Jensen) takes over the company, along with his sister Hanne and his mother Birthe.

2006: Additional production capacity is needed, and VSM builds a new factory at the address Diget 1 in Thorning.

2009: Henrik Jeppe Jeppesen takes over as Managing Director after Thorkild Munk.

2010: Vium Smede- & Maskinfabrik A/S is renamed into Linatech A/S. Initials from four grandchildren are used to form the company name – Line, Lise, Nick and Anna.

2012: Linatech is certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001.

2014: Linatech is certified according to DS/EN 1090 and DS/EN ISO 3834 (EXC 4).

2016: Shift of ownership in Linatech as Martin Arberg buys into the company as majority shareholder. Lars Lynge Maach stays on as co-owner, and Bjarne Lyngsø steps in as Chairman of the Board. Henrik Jeppe Jeppesen steps down as Managing Director, and Martin Arberg takes on the position.

2017: The ownership group expands as Finance Manager Jesper Lund Timmermann steps in as co-owner, joining Martin Arberg and Lars Lynge Maach.

2020: Peter Bonde is appointed Director of Operations.

2021: Peter Bonde steps down and Lars Rahbæk steps in as Managing Director.