1884: The blacksmith company in Vium can be dated back to the year 1884, where it was founded by the farmers of the village, who hired their own blacksmith

1956: Villy Jensen was the last blacksmith, who was hired by the farmers.

1961: Villy Jensen takes over the blacksmith company.

1965: The company starts production of specialized machines, built according to customer specifications.

1978: The company is transformed into a limited partnership company under the name Villy Jensen Vium ApS.

1988: The company is transformed into a shareholder’s company under the name Vium Smede- & Maskinværksted A/S (VSM). Thorkild Munk is appointed Managing Director.

1999: Lars Lynge Maach (son of Villy Jensen) takes over the company, along with his sister Hanne and his mother Birthe.

2006: Additional production capacity is needed, and VSM builds a new factory at the address Diget 1 in Thorning.

2009: Henrik Jeppe Jeppesen takes over as Managing Director after Thorkild Munk.

2010: Vium Smede- & Maskinfabrik A/S is renamed into Linatech A/S. Initials from four grandchildren are used to form the company name – Line, Lise, Nick and Anna.

2012: Linatech is certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001.

2014: Linatech is certified according to DS/EN 1090 and DS/EN ISO 3834 (EXC 4).

2016: Shift of ownership in Linatech as Martin Arberg buys into the company as majority shareholder. Lars Lynge Maach stays on as co-owner, and Bjarne Lyngsø steps in as Chairman of the Board. Henrik Jeppe Jeppesen steps down as Managing Director, and Martin Arberg takes on the position.

2017: The ownership group expands as Finance Manager Jesper Lund Timmermann steps in as co-owner, joining Martin Arberg and Lars Lynge Maach.

2020: Peter Bonde is appointed Director of Operations.

2021: Peter Bonde steps down and Lars Rahbæk steps in as Managing Director.

2022: Lars Lynge Maach and Jesper Lund Timmermann steps down as owners, and instead Ole Nielsen and Lars Rahbæk (CEO) enters the owners circle, along with Martin Arberg. Ole Nielsen becomes new majority shareholder, and the Board of Directors is changed, as Bjarne Lyngsø (chairman), Richard Pedersen and Lars Lynge Maach steps down, and instead Ole Nielsen (new chairman) and Lars Rahbæk enters the Board of Directors, along with Martin Arberg.

2023: Linatech sells off the Service activities and the customer base in the industries Food and Central Heating are handed over to the former Service manager Lars Christensen. From here on Linatech is focusing on the industries Wind power, Heavy industry, Medico and Transport.

2024: Martin Arberg exits operations and the ownership group. Linatech carries out Project ViTho and gathers the entire company on the address Diget 1 in Thorning. Thereby, a plan is executed that was initially discussed in 2006, where the production facilities were built in Thorning.