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Special machinery

At Linatech, we have many years of experience solving complicated and demanding challenges in production, logistics and process management for our customers

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Development projects

Linatech is a dedicated and competent partner to other innovative companies or inventors in the further development of a good idea.

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”We chose Linatech because they were able to handle the whole project, from development, engineering, drawings to the final production of the machines. Linatech is flexible and the people there thoroughly acquaint themselves with the customer’s product. I wholeheartedly recommend them. I have actually had many good ideas and I have called Linatech to discuss them every time.”
Daniel Blak

Owner and CEO, Timedico A/S, Timedico

“The solution Linatech has delivered to us works exceptionally well. We have managed to reduce dust and waste the way we hoped. Our expectations were met 100% and I am satisfied, glad and proud on behalf of the harbour.”
Claus Holm Christensen

Managing director of Kolding Harbour