Strategic cooperation is the keyword for Linatech in Medico

For several years Linatech has had a strategic OEM-cooperation with an innovative Danish Medico-company, who later became a part of a globally focused German Medico-group. Linatech is heading a part of the production of the complete product solutions, and our part of the value chain is primarily covering production, assembly, quality assurance and continuous optimization.

For Linatech it is of highest importance that we plan well ahead in the cooperation with our customer. Thereby we can allow ourselves to dedicate internal resources to the common development and the constant product optimization. We have the most optimal and efficient serial production if we can focus several years ahead.

On top of this existing OEM-cooperation we participate in various cooperation models on new products in Medico. We are typically involved in design, construction and production of prototypes. In the Medico business Linatech is activating our competences within design, construction, automation and assembly, whereas the product in Medico often takes up limited time in our factory in Thorning.

Cases – Pharmaceutical industry